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Secondary teachers are dedicated practitioners. They often have a love for and a desire to teach a given subject. They also have an in-depth knowledge and qualifications in this subject area. Flexibility is also the key to good secondary practice.

At Term Time Teachers we offer our teachers a variety of secondary placements in a variety of settings.  Regular requests are for teachers who can offer a given subject up to GCSE level.  It is essential for teachers considering positions to be able to offer their subject up to GCSE level.  For those not familiar with the requirements of The National Curriculum, they should check out the DCSF website and QCA for syllabus content.

We are also asked from time to time to provide teachers who can offer A level or GNVQ.  Again check the DCSF website and QCA.

The flexibility mentioned earlier is needed when covering for a group of teachers in a given day. You could cover any variety of the curriculum subjects.  Knowledge up to GCSE level is not required for all subjects; ability to use good practice is essential.  Work is often left or can be obtained from HOD.  It is often left in a non-subject specialist format allowing a good supply teacher to deliver the content appropriately.

Secondary teachers must possess good communication and discipline skills.  You MUST ALWAYS FOLLOW SCHOOL POLICY when involved in any discussion/decision regarding pupil behaviour. Some of the schools you attend when on supply will offer children with challenging behaviour.  You will be informed of this before you work at a school.

The 11-19 Reform Programme