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School Information Management System

SMS - School Management System is a large database system which can be used for managing your school's day to day business. SMS allows users to store almost all of their school's information electronically, including information on students, employees, properties, teaching materials etc. Most importantly, this information can be easily shared with authorized users, records can be easily searched, and reports can be easily generated.

SMS is configurable and can be configured to meet most individual school's needs. It is a multi-user system and can be used by hundreds or even thousands users at same time. General speaking, it is platform running on a Local Area Network (LAN). However, if the SMS server is configured to be a public server - with a static IP or domain name - it would not have a boundary limitation. Wherever you are, once you have an Internet connection and SMS client installed, you can logon to the SMS server easily just the same as if you were sitting in the school office. However, the speed limitation is up to both your client's and server's Internet speed.

SMS could make your school staff's life easier than ever. Using SMS, finding student information is just a few seconds away which might have cost hours, or even days, before. At the end of the semester, printing student statements becomes just a few minutes' job (the speed limitation determined by your printer), but it could be a nightmare without using SMS. If a student is absent, an email or even a short text message could be sent automatically to their parents' email address or mobile phone.

Why  Schools need a Management System?

  • If you want to search a student's record in 2 seconds, you need SMS
  • If you want to know which classroom is used by which class, you need SMS
  • If you want to know who is teaching whom, you need SMS
  • If you want to print student semester statements under a minute, you need SMS
  • If you want to print new semester information letters under a minute, you need SMS
  • If you want to view a class timetable in under 5 seconds, you need SMS
  • If you want to know where your properties are and how much they're worth, you need SMS
  • If you want to automatically send emails or short text messages to students' parents if something happens, you need SMS
  • And many more ...

What can The School Management System do?

Building and room management  
Room reservation management  
Room usage management  
Notice board management  
Repairs management  
Stock inventory management  
Workplace accident management  
Semester management  
Class management  
Student management  
Student search 
Student behaviour management  
Subjects and assignments management  
Student assignment results management  
Warning letter printing for overdue students  
Subject groups management  
Teaching diary management  
Barcode scanning functions  
Email functions  

Timetable management
Attendance records management
Documents management
Management of inter-school relationships
Student feature study management
Supper reports generator
Student semester statement with barcode
New semester information letter with barcode
User management
System configuration
Student payments management 
Payments overview
Fees management
Overdue students list printing
Employee management
Position management
Print individual teacher's timetable
Student ID card with barcode
Short message services functions