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Professional Development

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is a must for ALL teachers. As we are all aware that changes in the curriculum, teaching and learning are constant. We need to keep ourselves up to date to be fully aware of what is required of us whilst teaching.

When a teacher is in a position at a school, they are regularly involved in INSET which will also include courses chosen by the teacher.  On supply this is not the case!

Term Time Teachers offers all of our registered teachers regular courses FREE OF CHARGE!, in a variety of subjects and curriculum areas.  Please see the details provided.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD); to support all of our Education Staff we offer the following courses:

  • Teaching in Kent & Essex: 'A must attend for all of our overseas and returners to teaching.’                                          Teachers are given a breakdown of key stages and National Curriculum Targets. Also practical lessons with Key points & lesson plans. Record Keeping & Assessments are also covered.
  • Working as A Supply Teacher. For teachers who are not used to supply work, we have a course designed to equip our teachers with the necessary tools and know how. We cover the following school requirements:
  • Ensuring you gain the correct information for each assignment
  • Correct way to start the day
  • Developing sound resources; keeping a bank of appropriate plans and worksheets that can be used when covering classes with no work set
  • Working within different key stages
  • Following School Discipline Procedures
  • Record Keeping and Marking
  • Correct way to end the day