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Our Commitment to schools

Since opening in December 2001, we have built up a tremendous reputation for the quality of our service to schools.

Term Time Teachers Pledge To Schools

We aim to provide our schools with the quality service they deserve by ensuring they have:

  • a dedicated consultant to support them with their curriculum requirements
  •  fully DfE Audited cleared teaching staff for day to day, short, long term or permanent placements
  •  fully DfE Audited cleared TAs, Cover Supervisors and office staff (though this is not a legal requirement to clear non-teaching staff to this level, we do!!) for day to day, short, long term, or permanent placements
  • supportive back office staff who can solve queries to do with invoicing and clearances (they also support your dedicated consultant with placements!)

Apart from the above, we have office based staff who have considerable educational experience as teachers and TAs.

I personally have taught for nearly 30 years as a class based teacher, SEN teacher, peripatetic Music teacher, Deputy & Acting Head. I held the position of INSET co-ordinator for several years whilst working as a deputy, therefore have first hand experience of booking supply from a school perspective.

Benefits of Long Term or Maternity cover via Term Time Teachers:

To employ a teacher direct you would have to first pay their relevant scale point, which would have to include: Holiday Allowances (All School holidays) & Bank Holidays

However this does not include:

  • Employer National Insurance contributions @ 13.8% on everything over £162 p/w
  • Pension contributions @ 14.1%
  • Sickness cover insurance, which is dependent upon your school policy

The above is costly and comes into play when you employ a member of staff on your payroll, however by employing a teacher through Term Time Teachers you only pay for the actual time a Teacher is at your school. All of the above contributions are dealt with by Term Time Teachers resulting in the school paying only a weekly invoice at the daily rate at £POA. As you can calculate the savings lie not only in finance, but also the knowledge that if the teacher is ever absent, a replacement teacher of the same calibre and subject knowledge will be found immediately without incurring any further cost to the school. I am more than happy to discuss your requirements whatever they may be in relation to September 2018 starters.

We can be contacted on 01892 676076 anytime of the day; we operate an out of hours on call service which means we are available to speak to personally, rather than a voice mail from 6.00am to 11.00pm daily.

Kind regards

Madona Rixon AIRP