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Trying to find that first position can be a daunting task.  Let Term Time Teachers Help You!

It is essential that your first placement is right for you!  When you are faced with the prospect of visiting lots of schools, you may become overwhelmed by all the information provided. 

NQTs can find themselves deciding to cut the bulk they are given and settle for what seems like the right option at the time. Sadly, we have many examples of NQTs who have jumped into a position to find that for a whole host of reasons, they have made the wrong decision and to save their sanity, they cut themselves loose and try to pick up the pieces of their induction elsewhere. This may not be the best introduction to your career and may make you feel like leaving the profession all together.


Make Sure You Stand Out from The Crowd by gaining Term Time Teachers Support !

If you decide to go for the option of a Teacher Pool, you will still have to consider what is on offer. 

A Teacher Pool is a list of NQTs who have been interviewed by an LEA and have been offered a place on the the list (Pool) with the guarantee that they will be offered a position at a designated LEA school for September. The list is circulated to schools with your CV.  You will be called by the schools who have vacancies and invited to an interview.

Find out what you can about a school which has been either allocated to you, or you have chosen to go for. NB it is the Head Teachers duty to promote their school and it is up to you to make professional judgments based on all the information you have.  Read the OFSTED report; get a feel for the school whilst you're there.  How approachable are the staff and how collective do they appear to be?  Are there any NQTs at the schools and how have they found things?  Find out about the position you are going for. Why is there a vacancy?  What are the class group's dynamics?  Is the TA supportive?  Has the Mentor volunteered or have they been told to do the position?  What expectations does the school have about its NQTs, are THEY REALISTIC?


Are you your own best friend or are you your own worst enemy? What I mean is do you know what suits you best when it comes to teaching?

Don't fool yourself. If tough inner city schools with constant behaviour challenges are not you, then don't go for positions which offer those challenges. If you're not up to working with high achievers aspiring A*, then don't go for those positions!

Finding out where you fit is as important to you as all the prep and planning. We all fit in somewhere but we don't all fit in everywhere.  A lot of NQTs have tried to fit into their school environment but end up making themselves feel miserable because what they try to do, and how they try to do it simply does not work!

Some NQTs have ended up taking class groups which experienced teachers have refused to take. Sadly they have struggled.


You may find that you are one of many NQTs pitching for the same post. We have regular contact with a majority of local Kent and Sussex schools. They all inform me that there is an increasing supply of NQTs, and the LEA Pools prove this to be the case. A lot of NQTs face the prospect of starting September 2019 without work!  Don't despair, we have a wealth of experience and talent. We are renowned for supporting our NQTs. We can offer the following:


You'll register as a supply teacher and gain experience in local schools. The schools get to know you and you get to know them. You quickly build up a bank of schools you enjoy going to. When a position becomes available at the schools you've been to (Maternity Cover/Long Term Sickness etc.), you'll stand a good chance of getting the position. You continue to work hard, and when a permanent position arises you are in... prime position. A vast majority of our NQTs find this route to be a successful way into their first teaching position.  

Though what I have mentioned above sounds very straight forward and too good to be true, it offers you the opportunity to work with a school before accepting a permanent position. A permanent position that is RIGHT FOR YOU!

If you would like to talk about any of the points raised please call 01892 676076 Kent, 01277656473 Essex or                                       e-mail:

Also check out the other pages on this section of the website. 

Good Luck