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Maureen, Hildenborough, Kent

I have worked as a supply teacher for Term Time Teachers for the past ten years. During that time I have truly benefitted from a very supportive, professional service. I think the Term Time Teachers  team manages to combine business with an effective personal approach to their staff.

Term Time Teachers have always taken care to try and match me successfully with suitable teaching posts whether long-term or short-term. I feel this is a result of the careful initial interviewing (face to face) and vetting but also in developing an ongoing constructive dialogue between us. Necessary information is always provided to me about the school and the subjects I am expected to cover before taking up a teaching position. Feedback from schools is really helpful to a supply teacher and Term Time Teachers is quick to relay this to me. Equally, any problems I may have encountered during my teaching day, I feel I can frankly discuss and, if need be, resolve with the team in confidence. Term Time Teachers also provides free in-service training for their supply teachers. 

I was impressed by the work Term Time Teachers put into informing me about the Agency Workers Regulations (October 2011) and how it would affect me personally.  Staff were always available to discuss any queries I had and consequently I felt confident that I understood the new implications.

I think above all, I value, not only the efficient service Term Time Teachers provides, but the friendly, caring relationship I have developed with them. They always try to consider any personal needs I may have before offering me a suitable position which works for both me and the school involved. An example is when, after having two hospital operations, Term Time Teachers kept in friendly contact with me throughout my absences and helped me to return gradually back to teaching. This has been much appreciated.

 I know I can ring either the office or the out of hours line at practically anytime and still have a friendly response!  I have highly recommended Term Time Teachers to colleagues seeking employment. I also know from first-hand experience that the schools I work in rate this recruitment agency as their “saviour”!