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Fhiona, Sevenoaks,Kent

I have been registered with TTT since 2002 when they were newly arrived in Tunbridge Wells with a staff of only 3. Watching them flourish, expand and now spread over 3 counties in 10 years, has been remarkable, and I have no hesitation in recommending them for an excellence award.

Their professional approach shines through in all that they offer. They provide a service over a very wide age and ability range, encompassing not only mainstream key stages 1 + 2 and secondary, but also special needs, pre school crèche placements, teaching and TA positions. They actively recruit from abroad and run regular training courses e.g. ‘cover supervisor training’.

They are aware of schools having to implement changes nationally according to when and where directives occur and they keep everyone informed. Communication externally and internally is extremely good.  Externally…. between schools and supply, the fit of candidate to placement is always appropriate, and it is significant that John himself is an experienced teacher and able to judge and fine-tune just what each school needs.

Internally…. the IT system in place means that all information is shared in house, so that, when phoning in, whoever answers has access to the current situation and can answer or signpost any query without fuss.

A main element of their recruitment process is that each candidate must register “face to face’, and no one can rely solely on paper qualifications. So personality, demeanour and ‘people skills’ can be assessed.  Teaching after all is primarily people based.  Having all the qualifications in the world without considering the child will not have a good outcome.

They already hold the ‘quality mark’ from DfE and have had it renewed on every subsequent application which alone speaks volumes.

The two main divisions of finance and admin are extremely efficient and innovative. Over the years they have moved to online communications. All assignments are individually confirmed by email giving clear information of location, named person to report to, rate of pay, duration, and AWR status, and highlighting any specific concerns e.g. health and safety. Finance now send all payslips via email and are always happy to iron out any anomalies quickly e.g. tax codes, and difficulties with other agencies.

The web site is very clear, simply presented, and forward thinking, with new posts being added constantly, and now accessible via Facebook and Twitter.

A talented team has emerged over the years and all staff gel really well together.  The Cancer Research ‘Race for Life’ has become an annual event and considerable money has been raised in this way. There is a feeling of high morale…people like coming to work!

Overall the distinctive aspect of the Term Time approach is the care, concern and courtesy that they offer to everyone. In this day and age of automatic mechanical responses it is so refreshing to know that real people are at the end of the line and care about your situation. I have met many other supply teachers in many schools and all agree that Term Time is a cut above many other agencies. They create a fantastic rapport and have superb attention to detail. You never feel you are ‘just a number’. They have provided a good service to me and whenever a problem has arisen in a school they have liaised and dealt with it in a discreet and constructive manner. It is truly a quality organisation. I value them and feel valued by them. I recommend them to friends and recommend them to the judges of this prestigious award. They really deserve to be put in the spotlight.