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HMRC clamp down  
It is worth remembering that HMRC will take all necessary steps to recover debts
Read more

What is QTS ?  
What is QTS and how it is awarded Read more
Health And Safety Certificate  
If you require a Health & Safety Certificate for Design Technology Read more
Tax relief for travel expenses  
Tax relief for travel expenses: temporary workers and overarching contracts Read more
What is GTP Read more
New Secondary Curriculum  
The New Secondary Curriculum is due for Sep 2008 Read more
What is this ? Do I need one? Read more
What is the GTC ? Do I have to Register ? Read more
How long do I have to complete my Induction ? Read more
Skills Tests  
Changes relating to Skills Tests and Overseas Trained Teachers following recent consultation Read more
What are the different Terms in SEN/AEN  
We have a lot of abbreviations in SEN/AEN here are a few of the terms Read more
What are my responsibilities for child protection?  
Circular 10/95 sets out the responsibilities of LEAs, schools and teachers in protecting children from abuse and neglect. Read more
I am an Overseas teacher, Do I have to go to NARIC? Read more
New Professional Standards  
What are they? How can I get information? Read more
Synthetic Phonics  
The name 'Synthetic Phonics' comes from the concept of 'synthesising' Read more
Can I be self employed whilst working as a teacher ?  
In a Bulletin from Inland Revenue in December 2004, they state clearly that teachers are deemed to be employees. Read more
Education Overview  
Keep up to date with what's new in education Read more
Guidance for Safe Working Practice  
Guidance for Safe Working Practice for the Protection of Children and Staff in Education Settings 2006 Read more
Is there a TV channel for teachers ?  
Watch programmes regarding a whole range of current teaching issues Read more
Information for Overseas Teachers  
The Four Year Rule and other information Read more
Information for overseas trained teachers  
Before you come to the UK please read Read more
What does the High/Scope Approach look like?  
Does the High/Scope Approach really work? Read more
What Is Global Development Delay ?  
What Is Global Development Delay ? Read more

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I would like to thank you all for your efforts in supplying me with work since September 2012.
Thank you from Paul
Emily, Southborough, Kent...They are a great team and to be commended for a wonderful service!
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