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We always welcome new teachers to register with Term Time. If you are wishing to register with us, or just want to chat about your current situation please contact us.

Your benefits are:

  • Competitive pay rates(fully AWR compliant)
  • Accurate weekly BACs payroll system
  • Local office and face-to-face service
  • Optional stakeholder pension fund
  • Choice from day to day, short or long term positions
  • A permanent vacancy advice consultant (cv's, interviews etc)
  • A 7 day out of hours on - call service (6am - 11pm)
  • Teacher resource library with advice, books, worksheets and internet access available
  • e-mailed information regarding each new placement
  • Support from professional teachers for curriculumsubjects, OFSTED, planning and assessment and record-keeping.
  • Free access to all of our training courses

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I would like to thank you all for your efforts in supplying me with work since September 2012.
Thank you from Paul
Emily, Southborough, Kent...They are a great team and to be commended for a wonderful service!
Teacher Recommendation
Chrissie, East Grinstead, West Sussex 'It feels like a family and the warmth that greets any ...
Teacher Recommendation

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