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Creche Assistant Jobs

Creche Assistant Jobs:- We are working closley with Kent County Council in supporting them with their recruitment of quality Creche Assistants.  We have vacancies throughout Kent.  Please see vacancies for Creche Assistant Jobs.

Crèche Assistant provides quality care and they ensure the well being of children in a variety of settings where parents/carers are on the premises.

Qualities, Skills & Abilities

Supervise and assist children in their play and attend to their physical needs;

Plan, deliver and record play and development activities such as building with bricks or shapes, playing with sand, water, dough, mud, materials, music, rhymes, drums, sound. All materials should reflect diverse cultural lifestyles of children;

Welcome children to stay and play, set up activities, and store equipment at the end of the session;

Ensure all children are effectively integrated into the activities of the crèche;

A crèche worker provides sessional care for children on premises where parents are accessing training, employment or leisure activities. worker is subject to a ‘Fit Persons Check’ as prescribed by The Children Act 1989. This means workers must be at least 18 years old and be cleared by the Criminal Records Bureau.

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I would like to thank you all for your efforts in supplying me with work since September 2012.
Thank you from Paul
Emily, Southborough, Kent...They are a great team and to be commended for a wonderful service!
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Chrissie, East Grinstead, West Sussex 'It feels like a family and the warmth that greets any ...
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